3rd Grade Classroom

Mrs. DiLoreto

Welcome to Mrs. DiLoreto's fabulous third grade class!

Third grade is a very exciting time in school!  The students are beginning to change from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." We have a wonderful new reading program with many interactive lessons the children can use in the classroom. The class will continue the AR program where the students will read books at their reading level, and take a comprehension test with computerized quizzes.

I believe that many children learn skills through hands-on-lessons. The students will begin doing mini "science labs" this year. Social studies is also filled with hands-on-lessons lessons. The students will create many maps in geography. The lessons on ancient civilizations in a favorite! We will build the Nile River Valley in class, and study Greek architecture. In February, the students will pick an U.S. president and write a biography on their president. They will read their report to the class dressed like their president. President Lincoln came to the class last year. We will have a different president visit this year.

All the students are excited to learn multiplication and division. I like to teach this with a variety of manipulatives. PI Day is always a fun learning day to learn about circles. The class loves to go on the Mathletics website to reinforce their math skills.

We continue to grow closer to God in our religion class. We also have a weekly rosary class where we learn more about the mysteries. We are blessed to have a great rosary teacher.

All of the students are thrilled to write in cursive. They will all be writing in cursive by Christmas time!