Q.  What forms do I need to complete to enroll my child?

We require that you turn in a completed OSCS registration packet which can be located here on our website at the following link Registration Information or you can pick one up in our front office.

Q. Where do I get the Our Saviour Catholic School uniforms for my child?

We have a used uniform closet in the office. If we do not have your child's size, then you will have to go to Sir Walter and purchase them. You may come in at any time during the school day to look at and select uniforms for your child. We will expect them to be in a uniform when they arrive for their first day of class.

To purchase new OSCS uniforms from Sir Walter School Uniforms you can visit their store at 500 S. Plumosa St Merritt Island, FL 32952, or online at www.sirwalteruniforms.com.

Q.  How many service hours are required for parents?

20 service hours are required from each family for the school year and we have many fun ways for you to earn your service hours.

Q. We are not Catholic, can our child attend OSCS?

Of course. Approximately 25% of our students are not Catholic. 

Q. Are non-Catholics required to participate in religious instruction and attend Mass?

Yes. We believe that the values and morals taught to the students during religious instruction are not all necessarily unique to the Catholic faith, but are universal principles shared by many other faith-based communities. It is also a way to make all children feel part of the larger community.

Q. Do you accept Step Up For Students?

Yes, we do. Right now about 25%-30% of our students receive Step Up. We will even assist you with the application process and the paperwork necessary to qualify. If you believe you may qualify, you can get some answers at the Step Up Web Site (www.stepupforstudents.org).

The enrollment period for new applicants is in early March. Talk with us and we can work with you to complete the forms and gather the necessary materials. 

Q. I have a child who has a 504 Plan in public school. Can you provide these services?

The answer is yes and no. If your child has a 504 Plan in the public schools, we recommend that you should consider applying for McKay Scholarship funds when they open up enrollment in February, 2014. (mckayscholarship.com). Come and see us anyway, we will look at the 504 Plan and give you an honest assessment whether or not we can offer the services that your child needs. We have a Resource teacher on staff (with an M.A. degree) who is qualified to answer these questions.

Q.  I have a child who has an IEP in public school. Can you provide these services?

The answer is probably yes, but we would have to see the IEP to be able to give you a definitive answer. As stated above, we have a Resource teacher on staff who is qualified to make that determination. 

Q. If I apply to the school, am I automatically accepted?

No. If we do not believe that we can provide the necessary services or all the assistance necessary to help your child excel in our environment, we will not accept them. We do not want to do a disservice or mislead anyone. 

All students who are accepted are placed on a ninety day probationary period.

Q.  Do I have to pay a registration fee?

The registration fee is $275. We also require a school supply fee of $300 and a technology fee of $100 for each student. You can take care of those payments at the front office or by clicking here.