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The 1000 Club

Welcome to The 1000 club! This year long (12 month) event is one of the biggest fundraisers to the school. 

And the rules are very simple:

  1. Fill out the Form, Select 3 of your luckiest numbers and click Submit

  2. Purchase your $60 ticket

  3. Be entered to win $60, $100, & $1000 - each month!

To buy your tickets please select the number of tickets you wish to purchase below. We can not guarantee your lucky number will be available. You will be contacted to select other numbers if the ones you have chosen are already taken.


1000 Club Ticket

Welcome to The 1000 Club! 

By purchasing one of these tickets you are being entered in our monthly drawings for cash.

Select the number of chances you would like to purchase below. You will be asked to select which numbers you would like in the following screen. Please note not all numbers may be available.

If you have any questions please call the School office at 321-783-2330 or you can email us at OSCS1000club@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting Our Saviour's Catholic School!


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Here are the Winners for 2018- 2019


60 Kay howkins

100 Ray Miller

1000 Raymound Coudriet


60 Tom Nelson 

100 Charlotte F. Mclaughlin

1000 Linda Plack


60 Tyrone Tice 

100 Douglas Douget

1000 Catherine Cavey


60 Heather Carr

100 Edward Mcgee

1000 Jennifer Harkins-harris 


60 James sicuro

100 Nancy Burns

1000 Alice Guilfoyle 


60 Edna Brennon 

100 Kathryn Diloreto

1000 Ric Hurt


60 Mr. & Mrs. E. Jopson

100 Valita Bee

1000 Barbara & Jack Seaborn


60 William & Janet Casey

100 SSWD

1000 Annette Kunz