A Letter from our PTO Volunteer Coordinators to our parents:

Dear OSCS Families,

The interim PTO has decided to create a new position for volunteer coordinator to help facilitate families in reaching their goal to reach the required hours.  This position will have voting rights within the PTO and will be present at all PTO meetings.  This year it was decided to create the position with two co-chairs.  It is my pleasure to introduce myself, Kate Vinson, and Thea Spilos as the new co-chairs.  We will be working together to find a system that will give you all the information you need to be successful.  

Our first goal is to give you a monthly update, via your homeroom moms, on the current number of hours you have logged.  Please be sure to keep your hours up to date in the office computer.  If you have contributed but have not logged in you may do so retroactively.  You need to log in as "off site hours".  If you need some assistance with this please feel free to ask one of us to help you.  Don't forget any family members who may have helped as these numbers do count.  Also, do not forget any donations of $25 or more for an event or classroom function also may count as hours.  Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  

The second goal is to provide you with ideas for the month as to how you may obtain hours needed.  We will try to include all activities that need assistance as well as anything your child's teacher may need help with for the month.  If you feel like you need more options, please ask.  You may ask one of us or one of your homeroom mom's.  We are asking each homeroom mom to get together with their teachers and find out what they may need help with for the month and to get that information to you.  Also, we realize that many of you are not available during the day and we would like to make sure you have equal opportunity.  We will try to include things that may be done on your own time or perhaps any classroom donations of supplies, etc that may be needed.  Let's work together to make sure you have all opportunities clearly presented and if there is a problem, please let us know.  

The third goal is to recognize all of you who are donating your time to make our school a better place.  We appreciate all that you do and think you should be thanked on a regular basis.  With that in mind, we are planning to finally use that parking spot right up front that reads "volunteer of the month".  Thats right, that spot could be yours for a whole month!  That will be awarded to the person with the most hours at the end of each month for the entire next month.  That is something to work for!

We hope this all will be helpful for you.  If you are for some reason not receiving the information you need to be successful, we are here for you.  I will include both mine and Thea's email addresses below if you have any questions.

We have also created a group on Volunteer Spot that will house all the school wide volunteer opportunities. We will continue to add opportunities as they become available. Here is the link http://vols.pt/ipKbMN

Now let's go get some hours!

Kate Vinson
Volunteer Coordinator Co-chair

Thea Spilos
Volunteer Coordinator Co-chair

Fingerprinting Information

In order to participate in volunteer activites at Our Saviour Catholic School, you must be fingerprinted and cleared by the Diocese of Orlando.

Step 1 - Register online to schedule your fingerprints with Fieldprint Florida. Click here for link to fingerprint information. You will need to enter a "Fieldprint Code" to be a volunteer for OSCS. Our school's volunteer Fieldprint Code is FPOSPCHVOL.

Step 2 - Get fingerprinted and receive bar code. 

Step 2 -Use bar code to register and take Safe Environment Training CLICK HERE for link.

Step 4 You will be notified of your clearance as soon as it becomes available to the school secretary.

The Diocese of Orlando requires covered employees and volunteers to receive two levels of screening: (Level II) Fingerprinting and Background Check; and (Level I) Safe Environment Training. New employees and volunteers are asked to first register online for an appointment to be fingerprinted and background checked. During the registration process, applicants will be provided with a bar code. Applicants must then use that same bar code to register for the Safe Environment Training.