A Letter from our PTO Volunteer Coordinator to our parents:

Dear OSCS Families,

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is currently working on a more efficient system that will give the Our Saviour (OS) community a chance to work together and show our Saints Pride! 

Our first goal is to provide volunteer opportunities in areas that the PTO needs help.  All OSCS activities that require support will be listed on Signup.com under the OSCS Volunteer Page at http://signup.com/go/mvJAnam.  Please monitor this page frequently as spots are updated on a regular basis.  Also, we realize that many of you are not available during the day and would like to volunteer.  The PTO will try and present other opportunities that may be done on your own time.  Remember, it takes all members of the OSCS family to make our school and parish a great success.       

Our second goal is to give you a bi-monthly update, via Homeroom Moms/Dads, on the current number of hours you have logged.  Please be sure to keep your hours up to date in the computer at the school office. If you have contributed but have not logged your hours, you may do so retroactively.  You need to log in as a “Volunteer” and then “Off Site Hours".  You may log hours for individual days or as a total number of hours for the month.  Don't forget that any family member(s) who may have contributed their time can be included in your volunteer hours.  In addition, you may record any donations of $25 or more for an event or classroom function.  So for every $25 spent, you can log 1 volunteer hour.  Please keep your receipt as proof. If you need some assistance with logging your hours, please feel free to ask a PTO member to help you.   

The third goal is to recognize all of you who are donating your time to make the OS community a better place.  Please know that your deeds do not go unnoticed and the PTO appreciates all that you do!   

Hopefully, this information will be of help.  I may be contacted at the email below with any questions and or concerns about volunteering.  Again, the PTO THANKS YOU.   

Annette Kunz
Volunteer Coordinator


Fingerprinting Information

In order to participate in volunteer activites at Our Saviour Catholic School, you must be fingerprinted and cleared by the Diocese of Orlando.

Step 1 - Register online to schedule your fingerprints with Fieldprint Florida. Click here for link to fingerprint information. You will need to enter a "Fieldprint Code" to be a volunteer for OSCS. Our school's volunteer Fieldprint Code is FPOSPCHVOL.

Step 2 - Get fingerprinted. 

Step 3 -Take Safe Environment Training CLICK HERE for link.

Step 4 You will be notified of your clearance as soon as it becomes available to the school secretary.

The Diocese of Orlando requires covered employees and volunteers to receive two levels of screening: (Level II) Fingerprinting and Background Check; and (Level I) Safe Environment Training. New employees and volunteers are asked to first register online for an appointment to be fingerprinted and background checked. During the registration process, applicants will be provided with a bar code. Applicants must then use that same bar code to register for the Safe Environment Training.