Our Vision

All are welcome to learn here and be part of our community.


Belief Statements

  • We believe each student is a child of God with unique intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs. 
  • We believe a secure, nurturing environment promotes learning and maximizes success. 
  • We believe Catholic education proclaims the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and transforms the message into   action through worship, service and acts of social justice. 
  • We believe in the integration of faith, values, morals and traditions with learning and life. 
  • We believe learning should enable each child to develop and improve skills necessary for a strong academic foundation.
  • We believe cultural diversity increases a student's understanding of different religions, peoples, and cultures and enriches the teaching and learning environment of the school. 
  • We believe in educating students to their full potential by providing leadership and shared responsibility among staff, students, parents, the parish and the community. 
  • We believe students should be responsible for their own actions and share in the responsibility for their own learning. 
  • We believe each student should have opportunities to develop creativity and appreciation of aesthetic values.


    Operating & Guiding Principles

    • Our Saviour Catholic School believes that God loves us, that we are redeemed by Jesus Christ and are filled and moved by the Holy Spirit. 
    • We join in the mission of Christ and the Universal Church to proclaim the Good News, and to deepen among all people the kingdom of God.
    • We recognize the parents as the primary educators of their children and in cooperation with them; we strive to help each student grow into a fully integrated Christ centered person. 
    • We provide an education that considers the harmonious development of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical capabilities.
    We believe each student is a child of God... unique in their own way ;)

    We believe each student is a child of God... unique in their own way ;)

    The Mission of Our Saviour Catholic School is to cultivate Catholic Faith, Gospel Values and Academic Excellence by educating for life and exemplifying love and service to others.