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OSCS Athletic Program


The Saints Athletic Program aims to promote the moral and character development of the student as well as fostering a spiritual development on and off the playing field. 

Our Saviour Catholic School is a member of the Catholic Youth Sports League which includes all of the other Catholic Elementary schools in Brevard County. The athletic directors meet quarterly to organize games and events for the students.

“While playing sports, Christians also find help in developing the cardinal values- fortitude, temperance, prudence, and justice.”
— Pope John Paul III


Coed Cross Country - Grades:  K -8th (August thru May)

Coed Soccer - Grades K - 8th grade (September thru October)

Girls Volleyball - Grades 5-8 (October thru December)

Coed Flag Football - Grades K-8 (October thru December)

Middle School Girls Basketball - Grades 6-8th (December thru February)

Middle School Boys Basketball - Grades 6-8th (December thru February)

Grade School Basketball - Grades K - 5th grade (April - May)

Coed Golf - Grades 5-8th  (April and May)

Coed Tennis - Grades 5th-8th (April and May)

Coed Track and Field - Grades K-8  (April and May)

OSCS Athletes
Our athletic programs support budding athletes from grades K-8. 


Participants in team sports must maintain a grade point averagle above 70% and have a conduct grade of ourstanding or satisfactory.  Students who participate in team sports must have a written permission slip on file that includes the name of the family’s insurance company, the policy number, and an emergency contact number. A fee is charged for each student who participates in the sports program. The money is used to pay for sports equipment, referees, and league fees. No student will be excluded from the extra –curricular sports program due to financial need.