Middle School Classrooms

Middle School Grades 6, 7 & 8 – Mrs. Rodecker, Mrs. Barnby, & Mr. Herrman -

Our OSCS Middle School is comprised of students ranging from 6th to 8th grade. These students alternate classes with three different teachers between the core subjects of Math, Science, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion, and Foreign Language. Students additionally rotate to extracurricular classes including Art, Music, and Physical Education/Health. The OSCS Middle School Team values academic excellence and integrity. Technology is highly implemented within the middle school. Each student has their own chromebook and utilizes a plethora of resources. An emphasis on self-efficiency and a classroom of support, verbally, or by sharing notes, is always encouraged.  The Chromebooks allow for shared work in word docs, slideshows, and spreadsheets.  Multiple students can work on the same project live, in real time.  With technology, students are able to create a more detailed, higher quality, finished presentation, in less time! Three highly motivated and accredited teachers take on the middle school curriculum. 

The 2016 film “Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life” humorizes common shortfalls in young teens and their school life. You will find our middle school students smiling, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company day in and day out.  They are carefree, relaxed, and filled with joy!  Team sports and afterschool clubs offer extended opportunities for students to bond and achieve great health and well-being. We hope you will come join our community.  We always welcome new students and look forward to seeing their bright, smiling faces!  Please contact the school to schedule a “shadow day” so your precious child can experience what OSCS middle school is all about!

Mrs. Rodecker - Social Studies & Literature

Mrs. Rodecker is currently in her ninth year teaching at OSCS. She teaches both Social Studies and Literature - she guides our students through the vast history that both our nation and world have endured. Students explore early civilizations through engaging projects and interactions that allow students to feel the full effects of history and literature. Students enact and feel like they are right in the story as they read both classic and modern pieces of literature. The Florida Sunshine State Standards Curriculum and Common Core Standards are brought to life in the classroom through interactive notes and activities. 

Mrs. Barnby - Religion & FLVS

Ms. Personius is entering her fourth year teaching at OSCS. She teaches both English and French. English class takes the dimensions of Literature to another level; exploring grammar, sentence structure, grade-level vocabulary, and the writing process. French is offered for middle school students from grades 6-8. This course is a three year course that provides students with two high school credits, fulfilling the high school requirement! We strive to challenge our students on a higher-order of thinking level.

Mr. Herrman - Science & Math

Middle school science and math are taught by Mr. Sterling. Science is a spiral curriculum both with the way the different fields of science are presented and the various methods students learn.  Hands on experiments with group roles and responsibilities, research, data representation and interpretation, pictorial models and notes, interactive online video, animations, and activities all play a role in our dynamic classroom.  We take field trips to the Florida Solar Energy Center, the Brevard Landfill, the new Recycling Center in Brevard, and we have taken trips to the water treatment facilities when allowed.   Many students are working on individual and group science fair projects that will go on to the Brevard County Science Fair on the elementary or middle school level!

Middle school math keeps up with the Florida Common Curriculum and the Common Core Standards.  Our modo is slow and steady wins the race.  We take our time and work on less problems, but focus on verbal discussion and various ways of solving the same problem.  These experiences allow students to expand their understanding while feeling confident in their own style of problem solving.  While various methods are taught, students choose the path that makes the most sense to them, and that allows them to solve a problem in the time allotted. Both math and science allow students to reference notes and previous assignments to help them, even during most assessments.